As of June 27th, 2014, I am no longer the PUG Chairman, and my decision to step down of course comes with mixed feelings.  I made the decision to “retire” at the time of the 2014 Esri Petroleum GIS Conference, when I was handed a new opportunity at work to lead a bigger team and take on new areas of responsibility.  At Nexen USA, the GIS team at is still within my remit, however so too are… Read More

Over the course of the last year, the PUG has rebranded and embarked on numerous projects to help provide new resources for our user community. We have reached out to so many users and our community has grown by leaps and bounds. With all of this, we still have one major area of confusion in our user and sponsor community. What exactly is the PUG? The PUG is a professional geospatial Petroleum… Read More

Ladies and gentlemen, may I present to you the 2014-15 PUG Steering Committee: (those names that are bolded were successful 2014 election candidates) Andrea Le Pard Geoff Wade Gina John Jacob Boyle John Sherrill Kay Sutter Robert Graham Scott Bateman Scott Sitzman Sam Knight Samantha Murray Sylvain Bard-Maier Tarun Chandrasekhar Tom Mueller Tore Hoff Thank you to the 387 of you who took the time to cast your ballots this past May!… Read More

When we put out the call for nominations during the first half of May, we were pleasantly overwhelmed by the amount of interest!  Based on the application forms and our group knowledge of the candidates, the committee whittled down the list to a maximum of 12 (according to PUG policy) to put forward for election. The election is to vote candidates to the Steering Committee general body.  Successful candidates will then have the chance to… Read More


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