What does it take to start up and maintain a regional GIS  Petroleum Users Group? Shared Interest, common issues, leadership… All this and some more practical things too like time, facilities and sometimes a little funding.   Many Regional groups get their start as a few GIS people share stories of common problems then grow into a more public discussion.  Sometimes a centrally located company will offer to host a meeting.  The… Read More

Note: Some links may or may not work depending on browser, membership, and/or an active login. All links used in this document are listed at the bottom of the blog. I am sure many, if not most, in Geospatial or Data Management have done a review of well symbology. The first few times one undertakes the exercise of reviewing and mapping well attributes to well symbols is actually quite interesting! Then at… Read More

As always, ESRI did an outstanding job putting together this year’s conference with a mix of inspirational messages, product descriptions, technical workshops, vendors and social activities. There is so much more than one person see can see and do, that I must admit I have already included notes and comments from others who attended just to try and give a feel for the variety and magnitude of this event. Although the conference… Read More

As a professional organization, the PUG has an open elections process so that our community can elect the members of the board who then serve for two years. Following the elections, the outgoing committee and newly elected candidates meet together for hand over and to plan out the coming year’s activities and to select roles for each committee member. This year we conducted our annual planning meeting and role selection on June… Read More


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