This past Spring, the PUG conducted its first ever Membership Survey. The sample size was honestly lower than we were hoping, with 239 participants or about 7% of the total membership which hit 3500 (Now over 3700) during the Houston Petroleum Conference. Our advertising of the survey consisted of several posts via LinkedIn, due to the limitations of frequency allowed for direct messaging. The survey ran for about a month and a… Read More

What does it take to start up and maintain a regional GIS ┬áPetroleum Users Group? Shared Interest, common issues, leadership… All this and some more practical things too like time, facilities and sometimes a little funding.   Many Regional groups get their start as a few GIS people share stories of common problems then grow into a more public discussion. ┬áSometimes a centrally located company will offer to host a meeting. ┬áThe… Read More

Note: Some links may or may not work depending on browser, membership, and/or an active login. All links used in this document are listed at the bottom of the blog. I am sure many, if not most, in Geospatial or Data Management have done a review of well symbology. The first few times one undertakes the exercise of reviewing and mapping well attributes to well symbols is actually quite interesting! Then at… Read More


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