NOMINATION DEADLINE EXTENDED TO MARCH 24 Based on requests from members who are waiting on internal approvals. Elections will be pushed back by a week March is elections month! From March 6st until March 17th 2017, members of the community can put their name forward for the PUG Steering elections.  Online voting will then take place from March 18th to March 24th 2017. Nominations: March 6, 2017 to March 17th, 2017 Voting:… Read More

PUG Online – 1Derrick Webinar – Jan. 25th We are pleased to announce the second in a series of technical webinars featuring newly available GIS related technology within the Petroleum industry. Our presenter is Mohit Kaul, Head of Client Services for 1Derrick. The webinar will showcase how one can perform Mergers & Acquisitions Analysis using ArcGIS online data layers including: Portfolio build-up – Understand how a company has built its current acreage… Read More

Esri recently hosted a technical webinar with the RockyPUG. During this webinar, Jeff Shaner, Esri senior product manager, will explore how ArcGIS apps enable your modern workforce to meet specific requirements for coordinating fieldwork activities, creating optimized routing, and collecting accurate field data. John Farrell from Jonah Energy, will provide a demonstration of how they are using ArcGIS apps, specifically Navigator for ArcGIS and Collector for ArcGIS, to streamline their workflows.