From May 2nd until May 13th 2016, members of the community can put their name forward for the PUG Steering elections. Online voting will then take place from May 16th to May 27th, 2016. What’s it like being on the Steering Committee? Being a part of the Steering Committee is a challenging but rewarding experience. You will have the opportunity to influence the direction of the PUG, improve our global community, help… Read More

What is GIS (Geographic Information Systems) and how does one get involved in this type of career path? This has been a repeated question throughout my 10 years as a GIS Professional from all experiences and ages. Since the advanced technologies of GPS, navigation systems, and the popularity of map use; GIS has gained interest from the most uncommon populations.  Here are a few examples of inquiries I’ve had in the past… Read More

How would you like to attend and help with the 2016 Esri Petroleum Conference in Houston, April 26th-28th?  The PUG will award five US college student organizations a stipend to offset some of the expected conference travel costs.  To be eligible, please fill out an application form, PUG Education Sponsorship form_v1 , and email the completed form to by February 12th. Winners will be notified by end of February. Scott Sitzman PUG Chairman… Read More


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