Welcome to the new PUG!

For the past year, the PUG has been in a major transition phase and with the new website, logo and mission we have now successfully moved into our third generation.  Third, you may ask?  Let’s recall some PUG history.

Many of you will remember the PUG from the early days (1990+) when we were a small group of Esri technology users, based mostly in the Houston area, who gathered for the purpose of providing petroleum industry focused feedback to Esri on the capabilities of the Arc/Info software.  This was the first generation of the PUG and is also where the “PUG List” got its start.

In 1994, following the success of the initial user group gatherings, the PUG became a once-a-year conference where our community was able to collaborate on a much broader scale.  The PUG Steering Committee owned and ran the entire conference.  This was the second generation of the PUG.

By the time 2008 had rolled around the conference had grown so large that it was time to hand over the conference to Esri to manage.  This made sense since Esri was, and still is, the backbone of almost our entire community’s GIS infrastructure.  During this time frame we also saw great interest in local/regional collaboration and we started seeing Regional PUGs form all around the world.

It finally feels like we are through the transition period (2008 – 2014) and are officially into our third generation.  This generation is marked by the desire to be recognized as the global professional organization for GIS & Geospatial Professionals and users across the petroleum industry.  We are capable of achieving this through our vast network, including a global PUG Steering Committee who is responsible for leading the PUG, owning the vision, mission, goals and budget, and carrying out projects which promote a more active and useful resource for the community.  We also have Regional PUGs which exist to foster local and regional networking and knowledge sharing in their area.

Although “the new PUG” is a different incarnation from where we began, we are still holding true to the original mission.  We aim to work collaboratively as volunteers to improve and enhance the use of GIS & Geospatial workflows and technologies, and maintain the strong sense of community and teamwork of the PUG from its early days.  We do this throughout our variety of activities and projects.  To learn about all the things the PUG is doing, please take a moment to peruse our new website.  I am sure you will be surprised at some of the things you will learn!

The strength of this community is in the way that we all share and work towards common goals.  What can you do to contribute today?

Andrea Le Pard, PUG Chairman

The PUG would like to thank our sponsors for their support: Blueback Reservoir, BP, Coler & Colantonio (a CHA company), Esri, Exprodat, Landworks, Schlumberger and Trimble.

One Comment on “Welcome to the new PUG!

  1. Welll… it’s about time! Great job on gaining your identity back. The new website and initiates look great.

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