Petroleum User Group – Professional Discipline

Why all the excitement about a Petroleum GIS Professional Discipline? More importantly, just why should you be interested in the Professional Discipline, or for that matter, just what the heck is it? The really easy answer is to come to the Esri Petroleum User Group Conference at the George R. Brown Conference Center in Houston, TX from April 23 through April 25 and find out. Even better, stop in at the PUG Workshop Session being held on April 24th from 3:30 – 5:00 and join in! In addition to a brief presentation on the topic we will be having a 40 minute panel discussion to try and answer any questions or field ideas you might have on the topic.

Certainly, if nothing else, this is YOUR chance to join in and influence a particularly challenging issue for our industry.

One Comment on “Petroleum User Group – Professional Discipline

  1. The PUG Professional Discipline session was a big hit at the conference, with an estimated 200+ people in attendance, and many participating with questions and comments for the panel.

    The panel included: Andrea Le Pard (Nexen / PUG), Ashok Wadwani (Applied Field Data Systems / APSG), Brian Boulmay (BP), Scott Sires (Broohaven College), Scott Sitzman (ConocoPhillips) and Trudy Curtis (PPDM).

    And now the conversations continue… Please check out our LinkedIn group page to follow on… And if you aren’t a member of PUG Online on LinkedIn, please join!

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