What is the PUG?

Over the course of the last year, the PUG has rebranded and embarked on numerous projects to help provide new resources for our user community. We have reached out to so many users and our community has grown by leaps and bounds.

With all of this, we still have one major area of confusion in our user and sponsor community. What exactly is the PUG?

The PUG is a professional geospatial Petroleum User Group community that works to improve and expand the use of geospatial data, workflows and technologies in our industry. The PUG Steering Committee is a 100% volunteer run organization of GIS professionals working in the Energy industry which, as a group is committed to strengthening the understanding of GIS principles in our industry.

Isn’t the PUG part of Esri?

The PUG is an independent organization that is sponsored by Esri. The PUG was formed to help give a larger voice to the petroleum user community of GIS professionals. You can read more about the history of the PUG here. PUG projects, such as the Professional Discipline and Geospatial Workflows allow us to work together towards highlighting best practices. The Technical Workgroups and PUG Ideas  List projects help to provide a united voice that strengthens requests forsoftware enhancements specific to GIS usage in the petroleum industry. The PUG Steering Committee is the organizing body to help focus our communications. The PUG and esri have a great working relationship that focuses on community outreach, education and the technical components of the Petroleum GIS Conference each Spring.

The PUG, Beyond the Conference

For many years, we have had the pleasure of working with Esri to host a specialized conference for our industry. The PUG is not the conference! The Esri Petroleum User Conference provides a very valuable place for the PUG community to gather and share ideas and learn from one another. We, as a Steering Committee work closely with Esri throughout the year to help coordinate the content of the conference to ensure that we have the highest quality of presentations.

Over the past few years, based on the feedback provided by the user community, the PUG Steering Committee has taken on projects outside of the conference and will continue to focus on areas where we, as an organization can help provide resources to build the strength of our GIS community. The initial presentations of the Professional Discipline and Geospatial Workflows projects were presented at this year’s conference and will continue to be developed with the feedback from our user community. As we move forward, we will continue to identify new areas of work that can help provide resources to our user community.

In addition, the PUG will continue to build outreach programs to partner with universities and other industry groups to strengthen our brand.

The PUG is a community!

The PUG would like to thank our sponsors for their support: Blueback Reservoir, BP, Coler & Colantonio (a CHA company), Esri, Exprodat, Logic Solutions Group, GeoPropel, Landworks, Schlumberger, TeachMeGIS and Trimble.

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