Geo-Kids program: GeoMentoring local sixth graders

Teaching is fun!  The Geo-Kids program we developed is to introduce sixth graders to using geography.  We have packaged up the contents of the program for you to make your own.  Please give us your feedback so we can improve it for future students.

I appreciate teachers so much more now that I have taught one day.  The first class I taught was only 3 hours but I was exhausted afterwards.  It is very rewarding to hear the kids exclaim when it sinks in that geography is not all memorizing state capitals and the GDP of countries.  Bringing the maps of local neighborhoods and landmarks makes it real to the students.

Team GIS, at Noble Energy, developed the Geo-Kids program to engage our community in way that would be meaningful to us.  We were able to be examples of adults with careers based on subjects they were learning in sixth grade.  We served as models, shared our craft and taught some critical maps skills.

Linked below are the presentations, lessons, maps, surveys and letters of introduction that we started with.  We also used to interactively quiz audiences when sharing.  Feel free to copy, modify, claim and share the material.

Slides presented at ESRI Petroleum Conference 2015

Letter of introduction

Survey: coming soon

Lesson: Keymaps

Lesson: Tomball Neighborhood

Lesson: Route to Grand Texas Theme park

Interactive quiz site

One Comment on “Geo-Kids program: GeoMentoring local sixth graders

  1. This program is a great way for industry to interact with Kids. I would strongly encourage ohters to do the same. The kids gave so much from any interaction with adults, and who knows this could change how a kid feels about school.

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