Sharing Geospatial Workflows

The PUG is very proud to deliver the framework and process for publishing Geospatial Workflows as well as our catalog with the first published workflow entitled Play Fairway Analysis.    This is all available on the PUG Online website at  So go to our website to review recent additions and share your ideas.

How did we get to this point?  Well, the PUG has been working on a Geospatial Workflow project to share how we do our work as GIS professionals.  The goal of this project was to solicit and publish common geospatial workflows that are used in the oil and gas industry, along with some helpful links to software and data vendors that may be of interest.  The sharing of this knowledge is something that will continue to show the value that GIS brings to our industry.  Perhaps this will help answer the common question “What is GIS?” asked by many a non-GIS professional in our industry!  To undertake this project, the PUG formed a subcommittee that would be responsible for helping this project become successful.  A lot of work has been done on this committee to get us into this position.

Moving forward, we open up the opportunity for all GIS professionals in our industry to submit workflows to be published on the PUG website.  The Geospatial Workflows subcommittee will be responsible for editing and publishing all submitted workflows and you will be able to find out how to submit a workflow on the Geospatial Workflows webpage.  On this page, you will find submission instructions; a description of the approval process, as well as our first published workflow entitled “Play Fairway Analysis.”

I want to especially thank everyone on the Geospatial Workflow Subcommittee who helped along the way to get us to this point.  The current committee members are Sylvain Bard-Maier, Scott Sitzman, Paul Morrison, Paloma Urbano, Rich Priem and Chris Nichols.  I would also like to thank all of the previous PUG steering committee and Geospatial Workflow subcommittee members that laid the groundwork to help us get to this point, including Tore Hoff, Jonathan Clarke, and Brian Boulmay.

If you have any questions about this project, please don’t hesitate to contact myself or co-chair Sylvain Bard-Maier, or send an email to the email address.


Chris Shanks

PUG Steering Committee Member and Geospatial Workflows Committee Co-chair

The PUG would like to thank our sponsors for their support: Blueback Reservoir, BP, Coler & Colantonio (a CHA company), Exprodat, GeoPropel, Landworks, Latitude Geographics, TeachMeGIS, Trimble, Schlumberger, and Wipro.

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