PUG Rocky Mountain chapter

The Petroleum GIS User Group community has once again enjoyed a successful Petroleum GIS Conference in Houston. We thank everyone for their contributions to the Petroleum User Group community, including national, local and regional levels. Without your contributions it would not be possible to provide the level of collaboration, support, and innovation that the PUG and our regional groups strive to maintain.

We are excited to announce a new Rocky Mountain Regional PUG community that will work with operators, vendors, the global PUG steering committee, and Esri to provide a collaborative resource for petroleum users in the Rocky Mountain Region. This regional group will work to be a part of the global PUG community with the support of the PUG steering committee leadership and Esri. We believe that this new regional group will provide GIS professionals opportunities to share ideas, best practices, and networking with the people who need it most. As a member of the PUG community you are cordially invited to visit the new RockyPUG website (link below) to join the group, and to be a part of a true shared resource, and a place that will cater to GIS supporters of all levels. The RockyPUG will provide user talks and other resources that, with your support, will maintain the high level of collaboration necessary to keep with the theme of innovation and forward thinking that is so important in the petroleum industry. We will be adding content to the site in the near future and would love to have anyone interested become an integral part of the group.

We are currently looking for local representatives to be members of the committee and to lead in various ways. This is an exciting time in the PUG community and we encourage those interested to become active participants in building what can be a new collaborative space for the Rocky Mountain Petroleum GIS community! Your feedback is welcome and encouraged. Thank you and we look forward to hearing from you.

Website: https://pugonline.org/groups/regional/rockypug/

Please join the LinkedIn group : PUG Rocky Mountain chapter


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