Say hello to the 2016-2017 Global Steering PUG Committee

Your 2016-2017 PUG Steering Committee

Hello and hope every has been having a good summer! Now that most (if not all) of us should be back from vacation, I figured, this would be a good time to introduce you to the 2016-2017 PUG Steering Committee.


  1. Tarun Chandrasekhar – Chairman – I work for BP Lower 48 Onshore and lead the data (and geospatial data) management team. Most of 16-year career has been in GIS, Oil and Gas and GIS AND Oil and Gas. I have been actively involved in the PUG for about 4 years and have served multiple roles within the organization. I have a Master’s in Planning and GIS from University of Illinois at Urbana Champaign.

 I am excited (and a little bit intimidated) to take on the role of Chair this year from Scott Sitzman….  I have some big shoes to fill…

  1. Jacob Boyle – CoChair – Jacob is an expert in GIS technology, system planning, design, development and administration with a focus on public sector and E&P in the oil and gas industry. He has more than 10 years of experience as a government, non-profit and E&P employee for organizations in North America. Through his work as a GIS Database Administrator, he has gained in-depth organizational and technical experience for system development, deployment, and management. He has strong technical skills in GIS and IT application design and development, database design, systems architecture, and integration and holds several technical certifications. His technical skills are complemented by his experience in project management and organizational development. He has a Bachelors in Environmental Studies – Geography.  Additionally, he has received extensive post graduate training and education in information technology, GIS, and Geographix. He holds a GISP Certificate


  1. Samantha Murray – Treasurer and Secretrary – Samantha is a Strategic Account Director with Wood Mackenzie. She has fifteen years of oil and gas experience based in Houston, Texas as a member of a global oil and gas software and services team. She has excellent management and technical skills that have made me an invaluable sales and account manager. This experience has been with upstream oil and gas software as well and bespoke software customization projects. Over the last 10 years she has also been charged with ensuring marketing success at conferences across North America.


  1. Geoff Wade – Esri Liaison – Geoff has more than 25 years of experience in the application of technology to the Natural Resources industries. Beginning his career as a Geologist, with what is now Fugro Robertson in the UK for 10yrs, Geoff gradually gravitated to Oracle database management, digital data supply methodologies and GIS. After a short time with Schlumberger, he joined ESRI in 1995 as Petroleum Industry Manager. Geoff still takes a very active role in the Petroleum and Mining markets for Esri, and also helps coordinate activities across the wider Natural Resources sector.Geoff holds a BSc Geology (Hull, 1983), MSc in GIS and Geodetics (UC London 1992) and MA Management (Redlands, 2003)


  1. Nathan Marx – External Relations – Nathan is a certified GIS professional (GISP) with almost 20 years’ experience applying GIS technology to the petroleum industry. He works for Chevron’s Information Technology Company as a GIS Coordinator where he helps lead the team responsible for Chevron’s enterprise GIS implementations.  Nathan says his favorite part about GIS is working with new users and introducing them to geospatial analysis techniques and applications to help them solve their business problems.


  1. Chris Shanks – Workflows Chair – Chris has been involved in GIS for 20 years and has used GIS in a variety of industries but he has spent the last 8 years in Oil and Gas.  Chris currently works for Statoil as a Senior IT Analyst and he is in an IT GIS role where he helps bridge the gap between the IT organization and the GIS disciplines.

Here’s what he says on his love of GIS – “Even as a child, I loved looking at maps and how things related to each other in the world.  I think I read every issue of National Geographic I could find!  I love how GIS enables me to basically take any type of data that I have and view it in a spatial context.”


  1. Micah Richie – Workflows Chair – Micah is Vice President of GIS for Morris P. Hebert, Inc. He has nearly twenty years of experience in the oil and gas pipeline industry. He is also a member of PODS and GITA


  1. Andrew Klein – Education Chair – Dr. Klein is a Professor of Geography at Texas A&M University. His own research applies Geospatial Technologies to the study of the Earth’s Cold regions – tropical glaciers, seasonal snowcover and the impacts of humans in Antarctica. He is involved with the PUG because many of his GIS students are employed in this industry and he is working to ensure our undergraduate and graduate programs produce graduates with the skills required by this industry. Here is why he enjoys many of the analytical aspects of GIS and remote sensing – “What most excites me about working with the PUG is the opportunity to meet my former students and hear about their successful careers. It is what makes teaching worthwhile.”


  1. Robert Graham – Regional Liaison – Robert is Noble Energy’s GIS Analyst extraordinaire with New Ventures Scout Team. His passion is using GIS to bring a spatial dimension to a complex problem of Energizing the World, and Bettering people’s lives. “And I am pretty good at drinking beer”, he says.


  1. Sylvain Bard-Maier – International Regional Liaison – Sylvain is a GIS technology specialist with Total E&P in Paris, with 15 years of experience in GIS industry / research and 5 years as manager of a small team of 15 people.


  1. Charles (Jay) Deane – Professional Discipline – Jay works as an Enterprise GIS Advisor for ExxonMobil. He has 34 years of oil and gas experience, 26 of which has been with his current company. He has been working in GIS for the last 24 years in both upstream and downstream, finding high value business problems where GIS provides compelling solutions, and most importantly leveraging GIS to foster much more interdependent ways of working


  1. Nathan Wood – Technical Chair – Nathan is the GIS Manager for Geoscience Technology for Enervest, based in Houston Texas. He manages our corporate GIS implementation including system of record GIS, web GIS, and mobile field solutions. His take on GIS? “GIS allows us to work with people from all disciplines within the company and I enjoy learning how those different groups operate, create, and consume data”


  1. Scott Bateman – Marketing and Comms – Energy technologist with experience in a wide range of applications and architectural components with specific emphasis in GIS for land and lease management. Core competency in upstream with knowledge of the entire energy lifecycle, Scott has over 17 years of experience in the oil & gas industry in various functional and technical roles including designer, developer, tester, project manager and project architect. Scott focuses on simplifying big data to bridge the gap between business and IT and streamline technology-based processes to optimize critical resources.


  1. Gina John – Resource Coordinator – Gina is a GIS Supervisor at Chevron Corporation located in Bakersfield, CA. She received her BS in Geography and GIS & Spatial Analysis from the University of Wisconsin and has worked in industries such as: the Department of Natural Resources, USDA, Government (local), and Petroleum. She loves all things GIS and enjoys every minute of it.


  1. Jerry Corr – Membership – Jerry has 29+ years of hands on and supervisory experience in the GIS software industry with specializations in military (SDSFIE), local government, pipelines, transportation, oil exploration, electric, gas, water and mining. He has managed several GIS projects ranging from $100K – $10M these past 19+ years.


  1. Scott Sitzman – Chairman Emeritus – Scott is the outgoing Chairman of the Steering Committee. He has worked for ConocoPhillips for the last 16 of his 26 years in the petroleum industry. He has vast experience with applying GIS technologies in many functional areas including Exploration, Environmental, Litigation, Pipelines, Land. He currently serves as the IT Supervisor for Enterprise Geospatial Services for ConocoPhillips

Feel free to reach out to any of us for questions, comments, thoughts and suggestions.


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