2017-2018 Steering Committee

We are thrilled to welcome to following individuals to the 2017-2018 Steering Committee. We had an excellent pool of candidates and want to thank everyone for their time and effort.

Samantha Murray, Wood Mackenzie – PUG Chairperson
Chris Shanks, Statoil – PUG Co-Chairman
Geoff Wade, Esri – PUG Esri Liaison
Andrew Norris, BHP – PUG Technical Chairman
Nathan Wood, Enervest – PUG Technical Chairman
Andy Bohnoff, Anadarko – PUG Workflow Chairperson
Rob Clark, Newfield Exploration – PUG Workflow Chairperson
Cristina Rouse, Geomorrow – PUG IT & Logistics Coordinator
Susan Horvath, Goldman Sachs – PUG Professional Discipline
Vance Hefley, Arsenal Resources – PUG Regional Liaison
Nathan Marx, Chevron – PUG External Relations
Micah Richie, Morris P Herbert, Inc – PUG Secretary & Treasurer
Andrew Klein, Texas A&M – PUG Education Chair
Sylvian Bard- Maier, Total – PUG Regional Liaison International
Gina John, Chevron – PUG Marketing & Membership
Scott Sitzman, ConocoPhillips – Chairman Emeritus
Tarun Chandrasekhar, DrillingInfo – Chairman Emeritus

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