About PUG

The PUG is a professional geospatial Petroleum User Group community that works to improve and expand the use of geospatial technologies in the petroleum industry.  Our focus is on community, both local and global, with the goal of sharing ideas and meeting likeminded people!

Our membership includes GIS / Geospatial Professionals and users of geospatial technology within the petroleum industry or a closely related industry (e.g. mining), or those who are enrolled in geospatial university programs with an interest in petroleum.

To manage the business of the PUG we have the following structure:

  • The Steering Committee leads the PUG and owns the vision, mission, goals and budget. They carry out projects which promote a more active and useful resource for the community
  • The Regional PUGs organize local/regional activities
  • The Technical Workgroups manage the PUG List and work together to coordinate, organize and/or participate in activities to increase the understanding of various GIS related technical issues of particular interest to the community

Since our inception our portfolio of geospatial tools has grown significantly and the geographic extent of our membership has expanded globally but we still aim to maintain the strong sense of community and teamwork of the PUG from its early days.  We gather at local and global events and work together on projects throughout the year that support our mission.

You will find more information about our Membership and Regional PUGs on our website, just click the links.

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