PUG By-Laws

PUG Steering Commitee Organization

PUG Activities are directed by the volunteers of the PUG Steering organization:

  • There are 15 voting members with one voting member per role.
  • The PUG Steering meetings will be open to others who may wish to present causes.
  • Although there are defined roles, for major activities or needs (for example the annual PUG Conference preparation) all members are expected to work together, participate and contribute regardless of these defined roles.
  • Requirements for attendance will be that Steering Members must be represented at 70% or more of the PUG Steering meetings either in person or by teleconference, or by an alternate.
  • PUG Steering members are expected to act in the best interest of the PUG Community regardless of their personal or corporate affiliations.

 PUG Steering Committee Terms

  • Two year terms
  • Can be re-elected for second term, but then must take different position to continue service
  • Rolling elections for half of steering group each year
  • No restrictions – vendor, operator, retired


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