PUG Elections Policy

A. Size and composition of the Steering Committee

The Steering Committee shall consist of a maximum of fifteen (15) members. Committee seats are open to the PUG membership as a whole, including operators, vendors and other service providers. However, at least 51% of the committee members must be from oil & gas operators (8 / 15).

B. Term

Committee members will serve a term of two years. Each year, half of the committee members will be up for renewal. Terms shall expire after successful elections in spring each year, following the annual Esri Petroleum GIS Conference in Houston.

Committee members may only serve in the same position for a total of four years, but can run for a different position to stay on the Steering Committee if so desired.

C. Election of PUG Steering Committee Members

1. Elections are held annually after the Esri Petroleum GIS conference (aka PUG) in Houston in spring time.

2. Each member in good standing may nominate themselves or other candidates. Candidates must agree to stand for election.

3. Interested candidates will be required to submit an election application to the Steering Committee. Candidates will be screened based on the information in the application, and some may be declined for the election. Some information collected on the application may be presented to the public for election purposes, for those who proceed to election.

4. A maximum of 12 candidates will be permitted to run in any given election. In the case of receiving too many candidates, candidates will be screened by the Steering Committee based on the information provided in the application.

5. The election schedule will be published in February. The election process will be completed within 30 days following the nomination process.

6. Each member in good standing will be able to cast one vote and will vote for a minimum of three candidates and a maximum of the total number of vacant committee positions.

7. The Secretary oversees the election process.

8. Nominees receiving the most number of votes shall win the election for the eligible seats, unless it puts the board in a position of less than 51% operator participation. In this case, the next operator candidate will be selected.

9. If a committee member vacates their position during their term, the vacancy will be filled by appointment of the Steering Committee. The members of the Steering Committee will nominate candidates for the vacant position and will then hold a vote, internal to the committee. The nominee receiving the most votes from the Steering Committee members shall win the election for the open seat. The elected person shall serve at least one year in the position before entering the standard election process. Their official time in position will be considered one year, regardless of actual length of time in the position during the backfill period.

10. The Treasurer and ESRI Liaison positions are outside the election process and term limitations and will be appointed by the then current steering committee when a vacancy exists.

11. To be elected to Chairman a member must have already served in another PUG Steering Committee position for a minimum of one year.

D. Election of PUG Technical Committee Members

1. The Technical Chair is elected as part of the Steering Committee election process and therefore sits on the Steering Committee and leads the Technical Committee.

2. The Technical Chair may then manage volunteer Technical positions as necessary to maintain the PUG List and populate PUG Working Groups.

3. Technical positions are not governed by the same term limitations of the Steering Committee.


Policy last updated: April 12th, 2014

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