2017-2018 Steering Committee

Thank you to everyone that applied for the 2017-2018 Global PUG Steering Committee. We had an excellent pool of candidates this year and the results were very close!

Congratulations to:
Andrew Norris
Chris Shanks
Andy Bohnhoff
Cristina Rouse
Susan Horvath
Rob Clark
Vance Hefley

They will be joining:
Andrew Klein
Gina John
Nathan Marx
Sylvain Bard-Maier
Nathan Wood
Micah Richie
Geoff Wade
Scott Sitzman (Chairman emeritus)
Samantha Murray

It is election time! Please click here to cast your vote for the 2017-2018 Steering Committee. We have fourteen great candidates, two of which are running for reelection. Once elected, the candidates will serve a two-year term on the committee.  Please review all the candidates, as you will be asked to select seven candidates that you believe will best serve on the committee.  For more information about the PUG organization, and the steering committee, go to https://pugonline.org/

Trouble with the election link? Please copy and past the following into your browser: https://www.balloteer.com/bp/nph-bstart?&eid=6184031545643016

Each member is allowed one vote.  Elections end Friday, August 11th!

Scott Sitzman, PUG Chairman Emeritus

The Jakarta Regional PUG

Please welcome the Jakarta Regional PUG to the network of Regional PUGs.  The formation of the new Jakarta Regional PUG is the 12th regional PUG and is a very exciting addition to the PUG Community.  The PUG has always recognized the need for GIS Users and Professionals to gather in the city or region they live in to learn, socialize and discuss petroleum topics most relevant to their local area.  Having this regional PUG in one of the largest cities in the world will provide an opportunity for GIS users and professionals to work collaboratively, helping to fulfill the mission statement.

To join the Jakarta Regional PUG LinkedIn group, click here.

Scott Sitzman
Chairman Emeritus, PUG Steering Committee

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