2018 PUG Survey Results: Concerning Trends for Petroleum GIS Professionals

Many of us have been left wondering what the next trends in our profession are since the Big Oil Downturn on 2014. The push these days for Oil & Gas company executives is to not only increase shareholder returns, but to create new, streamlined ventures.  Such marketing includes buzz words like: “Big Data”, “Synergies”, “Location Analytics”, and “Machine-learning”.  The inclusions of these terms may come as gratifying to many of us, since they are the direct result of workflows we’ve helped develop and champion over the years. Unfortunately, in terms of compensation, it appears few of us have reaped the benefits of these contributions to the Petroleum Industry.

In the fall of 2017, the PUG Steering began outlining what is now the 2018 PUG Professional Discipline and Salary Survey.

The survey launched in May 2018, during the ESRI PUG Houston Conference and remained open until August 2018. In that time we, we heard from 61 repondents from 4 countries and 5 US states.  Not surprising to some, the roles and responsibilites played little part in determining job titles. What seemed to factor as most in terms of compensation was advanced education and length of experience.  While only a small percentage of members participated in the inaugural survey, it does establish the standard for benchmarking future trends.


The Professional Chair Sub-committee is already in the early phase of planning for next year’s survey, and would like to hear from you! Please email your feedback to: steering@pugonline.org

The results are now available online at: 2018 PUG Professional Discipline and Salary Survey

The PUG Steering Committee Professional Discipline Work Group has developed a salary survey.  This survey is intended to provide the Petroleum GIS Community with insight into compensation as it relates to education, roles and responsibilities.

A summary of the survey results will be made available through https://pugonline.org in October 2018.

All answers are anonymous.

Please use the link below to take the survey



URL: https://s.surveyplanet.com/HJeVMmHQz



2017-2018 Steering Committee

We are thrilled to welcome to following individuals to the 2017-2018 Steering Committee. We had an excellent pool of candidates and want to thank everyone for their time and effort.

Samantha Murray, Wood Mackenzie – PUG Chairperson
Chris Shanks, Statoil – PUG Co-Chairman
Geoff Wade, Esri – PUG Esri Liaison
Andrew Norris, BHP – PUG Technical Chairman
Nathan Wood, Enervest – PUG Technical Chairman
Andy Bohnoff, Anadarko – PUG Workflow Chairperson
Rob Clark, Newfield Exploration – PUG Workflow Chairperson
Cristina Rouse, Geomorrow – PUG IT & Logistics Coordinator
Susan Horvath, Goldman Sachs – PUG Professional Discipline
Vance Hefley, Arsenal Resources – PUG Regional Liaison
Nathan Marx, Chevron – PUG External Relations
Micah Richie, Morris P Herbert, Inc – PUG Secretary & Treasurer
Andrew Klein, Texas A&M – PUG Education Chair
Sylvian Bard- Maier, Total – PUG Regional Liaison International
Gina John, Chevron – PUG Marketing & Membership
Scott Sitzman, ConocoPhillips – Chairman Emeritus
Tarun Chandrasekhar, DrillingInfo – Chairman Emeritus

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