Technical Workgroups

The technical workgroups have two main responsibilities:

  • Maintain the “PUG List”: a persistent, documented, prioritized list of Esri technical issues pertinent to the petroleum industries, then use this list to communicate these requirements to Esri’s GIS development staff to advance the delivery of capabilities.
  • Coordinate, organize and/or participate in working groups to increase the understanding of various GIS related technical issues of particular interest to the community.

Technical Workgroups have been an ongoing cornerstone of the PUG.  Over the years we have had workgroups for 3D, geodetics, metadata, integration and more.  Today we have many workgroups in existence – learn about them below!

Current Technical Workgroups and Leaders:

peter_veenstra patrick_cunningham
Land Management Pipeline Pipeline Geodetics Geodetics
Kyle Souza Peter Veenstra Patrick Cunningham Pete Moreau Sam Knight
Spatial Analyst (Raster) Data Management Surface 3D Web Maps Web Maps
Rich Priem Tom Ripley Daniel Amrine Larry Phelps Ravi Nigudkar

For more information or to get involved, please contact:


Nathan Wood

Technical Chair


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