Please welcome the Jakarta Regional PUG to the network of Regional PUGs.  The formation of the new Jakarta Regional PUG is the 12th regional PUG and is a very exciting addition to the PUG Community.  The PUG has always recognized the need for GIS Users and Professionals to gather in the city or region they live in to learn, socialize and discuss petroleum topics most relevant to their local area.  Having this… Read More

NOMINATION DEADLINE EXTENDED TO APRIL 21 Since we have not received enough nominations to fill all upcoming vacancies, the committee has decided to extend nominations till April 21 Elections will be pushed back by a week From March 6st until April 21st 2017, members of the community can put their name forward for the PUG Steering elections.  Online voting will then take place from April 24th to April 30th 2017. Nominations: March… Read More

PUG Online – 1Derrick Webinar – Jan. 25th We are pleased to announce the second in a series of technical webinars featuring newly available GIS related technology within the Petroleum industry. Our presenter is Mohit Kaul, Head of Client Services for 1Derrick. The webinar will showcase how one can perform Mergers & Acquisitions Analysis using ArcGIS online data layers including: Portfolio build-up – Understand how a company has built its current acreage… Read More