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Much of the history of the PUG revolves around “The List”. This started as a paper and pencil exercise around what we as an industry needed from the old Esri ARC/INFO software, particularly since the software was not developed specifically for the petroleum industry.

Today, Esri prefers to receive feedback via their Ideas website so the PUG no longer needs to manage a robust list.  However, we aim to maintain a spreadsheet of suggestions our members have posted to the Esri Ideas website.  This is easy to do when our community marks their submissions to Ideas with a “Petroleum” tag.

Our goal is to help track your suggestion and put some weight behind it, by providing a community voice back to Esri.

To manage this process, we have a volunteer group of people from around the world who act as our Technical Workgroup leaders and participants.  They take ideas submitted from the industry and provide more robust understanding of the issue to Esri, then track Esri’s progress and response and feed information back to the community.

To learn more about the Technical Workgroups, please click here.

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Nathan Wood

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