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With this project, our aim is to raise awareness of GIS as a Profession and to provide the materials that will enable petroleum industry companies the ability to create a professional job family for GIS/Geospatial professionals.  We are in the process of building the project framework and will post details of the project deliverables and timelines as soon as they are ready.

The value of this project is in achieving the recognition of GIS as a professional discipline within the petroleum industry; much like geology, geophysics and the various engineering disciplines.  GIS Professionals are expected to develop a specific set of skills through training and experiences in their career.  These skills are applied to the GIS data, technology and analysis across the full value chain in petroleum companies to gain competitive advantage.

GIS (Geographic Information Systems) is a recognized and critical discipline in today’s business world.  In the petroleum industry, GIS professionals are carrying out various technical tasks, each requiring a specific and unique set of skills, to satisfy business needs and achieve competitive advantage, including:

  • Capturing, acquiring and managing geospatial data, ensuring to maintain data integrity
  • Deriving business-valued content from geospatial data
  • Spatially analyzing the data to solve business problems and improve competitive advantage
  • Delivering maps, map data and map content
  • Supporting the technical GIS environment
  • Developing GIS applications for specific use in petroleum

GIS is recognized as a professional discipline by governmental agencies, environmental organizations and a wide variety of other industries.  However, more often than not, GIS within the petroleum industry is not recognized as a professional discipline, even though the utilization of geospatial data and spatial analysis is critical to the success of any petroleum related company.  The skills of geospatial professionals are often not recognized in the same vein as geology, geophysics or the many engineering disciplines, and through this project we aim to fix this problem.

The objective and challenge of the PUG Professional Discipline project is to:

  • Identify and document the skills that geospatial professionals require to be successful in petroleum,
  • Develop sample position descriptions and organizational charts that can be used by individual companies to develop professional career ladders and progression,
  • Develop a dictionary for GIS terms relating to understanding GIS as a Professional Discipline, and
  • Eventually, we would like to recognize those university programs and certifications that support the development of the necessary skills

Core project team:

John Sherrill Scott Sitzman Andrea Le Pard Tore Hoff Brian Boulmay

For more information or to get involved, please contact:

John Sherrill
Professional Discipline Lead

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