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Our geospatial workflows project is all about sharing how GIS creates value in the petroleum industry. We are creating packages of information to educate everyone on the uses of GIS to solve business problems.  The PUG is proud to deliver our first set of workflows in October 2015 for our community to enjoy!

A collection of such workflows can help companies big and small in learning from each other and developing good practices around GIS implementation and usage. The project team has developed a framework and business information structure that will be used for capturing the information. The goal is now to move ahead with completing the documentation of a variety of workflows with the help of our community.

Our philosophy is that even if many of us are competitors, we are also partners in many leases and licenses, and by sharing industry practices we make everyone better. If one company does things right, the quality and precision of both companies will be better off.

We invite you to contribute to this project with examples and comments.  We hope that we can inspire as many of you as possible to contribute.

Geospatial Workflows Catalog:

Click here to be taken to the Geospatial Workflows Catalog.

How to get involved:

Who can submit a geospatial workflow?

Anyone can submit a workflow, regardless of whether they are an Operator, Vendor, Sponsor, or Individual. The workflow must contain a Geospatial component.  It is this component that should be the focus of the document.

How to submit a workflow:

Please download the workflow template from here and fill in each section. The description, which is the first section, should be limited to one page.  Submit the workflow to the PUG by emailing the completed document to  You must submit as a document (*.doc) and not convert to a PDF.

Review & Approval of workflows:

Any document submitted will be reviewed by the PUG Workflow subcommittee. The PUG reserves the right to edit, modify and update the content.  The PUG may also Lump or Split documents to maintain consistency.  The submitting party will have the opportunity to review the final edited version of the workflow for their review before it is posted.  Content that is approved by the PUG will be published in PDF format on the PUG Online website, and at that point it will be considered PUG owned content.  We may also reformat the content from time to time to conform to a consistent style.

Requests to update an existing workflow:

Anyone can submit a suggestion or request to update a workflow that is already published by submitting the request to   Requests can include additional hyperlinks to items that are both appropriate and significant for the workflow.  These requests will be subject to the same review and approval process as above.


October 2015: PUG releases first Geospatial Workflows on our website!

June 2015: PUG elections led to a change in leadership.  Sylvain Bard-Maier continues as leader, now partnered with Chris Shanks.

May 2015: We held a second workshop during the 2015 Esri Petroleum GIS conference (aka PUG) in Houston.  Our aim was to collect examples of generic business workflows and specific technical implementations that have used different components of GIS software and applications from our community.  You can access the conference presentation here.

Core project team:

sylvainbardmaier Chris Shanks scottsitzman
Sylvain Bard-Maier (Co-leader) Chris Shanks (Co-leader) Scott Sitzman Paul Morrison
Paloma Urbano Rich Priem Chris Nichols
Paloma Urbano Rich Priem Chris Nichols  

For more information or to get involved, please contact:

Sylvain Bard-Maier

Sylvain Bard-Maier
Workflows Co-Chair


Chris Shanks

Chris Shanks,
Workflows Co-Chair

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